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As the first step of SEO, we will work with you to understand your business objectives as well as your target audience. Then we use that information as our analysts review your website and identify which areas need optimization to make the site search engine friendly for the people you want to reach. Oftentimes, sites may have duplicate content, flash content, dynamic content and other such problems which prevent web pages from being indexed. Also, we will review your keywords and use keyword research tools to create a list of the most searched terms for your website or industry.

Create a Custom Action Plan

After an initial site analysis, we will lay out for you a step by step process of adapting your current pages using cutting edge on-page optimizing, techniques to assure the Big Guys take notice of your site. Our experienced staff bring all the tips and tricks of the past decade of search engine evolution and help you understand what's going to help you and what's going to hurt you on your web pages.

Follow Through With Great Customer Service

After we have all your information and have started moving your website to the top, you are always able to login to our Customer Project Center on Surfsmith.com and see the progress, ask questions, or offer additional info.

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What is On-page, Off-page, Local, and Social Marketing?

On-page Optimization

on-page optimizing

Defined: Enhancing the content of your site to make Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and others take notice and send people to you.

Many people create a website to look good and express their views and stop at the face value of their site. Unfortunately, all the search engines out there don't look at the flashy animation, cool fonts, or smooth shapes that make up your site but instead look at the code.

This means that the layout and content of the code "behind your webpage" needs to be engineered for top rankings. This is where the wisdom & experience of 9 years of site promotion will get you where you want to be in your marketing campaign.



Off-page Optimization

off page optimising

Defined: Creating more "votes" for search engines to send traffic your way by creating links across the web that point to your site.

What many search engines do when you request information in their search field is look at what information is on the webpages, but also how many other websites about the same topic actually point or link to that site. When the search engines see these links they understand that site to be the foremost knowledge on the topic and move them to the top of the results list.

Local Marketing