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Website Design

We believe that the most important elements of a great web site design are comprehensive information; a clean, easy-to-use format; and efficient loading time. Hawaii based Surfsmith Web Design can incorporate all of these elements into a visually pleasing package.

While web sites that use "cutting edge" technology are exciting to view and design, consideration must be given to the site's customers and what their web browsers and computer systems will support.

If, for example, we design a site that is wonderful when viewed by some, but fails to function properly for others (and let's say they comprise over 40% of your industry's potential customers), we are not serving you or your business well.

We strive to balance "bells and whistles" with good programming and content. We want your site to not only look fantastic, but be easy to find and easy to use.

Why Hire a Professional?

We have designed hundreds of business and commercial web sites since 2001. We have expertise in making sites that

  • fulfill your business goals
  • are appealing and attractive
  • are optimized for SEO (search engine visibility)
  • are designed to load quickly
  • are easy to use and navigate
  • provide security and encryption for transmittal of sensitive information

Why Have a Web Site?

Your company services and product information will reach the fingertips of current and potential customers worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for less than the cost of a single regional magazine or Yellow Pages' advertisement.

More and more, it is expected that professionals have a web site. Potential customers are actually frustrated if you don't!

The number of Internet users are still increasing dramatically. Here in the Hawaii area, studies show that 65% have Internet access. Nationwide, it is estimated that about 75% have Internet access, and that percentage is expected to increase over time. The breadth of potential international customers, contacts, and business opportunities is too large and valuable to overlook. Can you afford not to have an effective Internet presence?

Let Surfsmith Web Design help you offer your services and products to the international marketplace. Get a quote here.