Automation Built in Every Site

Website Designs That Save Time

Many businesses and organizations spend so much time on the phone, processing other correspondence, and using countless resources communicating what could easily be done with a properly engineered website.

When you sign on for a Surfsmith website we understand that time is money and we work with you to maximize the information that people can learn about you, your product, or message, all without the need of personal contact. By Installing small applications in your site like mailing lists, contact forms, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and many other customer relationship management (CRM) time savers, we help you leverage one of your most valuable resources- TIME.

Mailing Lists & NewslettersWebsite Design Mailing  List

Do you have a large group of people that need to hear frequent information about your organization? Possibly latest news or product, or maybe updates on a situation. Are you currently sending to all of them through Outlook or another email client?

We can install a free application to allow them to sign up for your newsletter and then the website does the rest. You email the message to one special email address you designate (ie- newsletter @yoursite.com) and everyone who has signed up will get the email. How much easier could it be?